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Welcome to Ocean Spa. Napier's premier heated pools and health and fitness complex.

Relax and enjoy panoramic ocean views from our heated salt chlorinated pools. Soak away your cares and re-energise your mind and body in the outdoor spas. Watch the sun or moon rise over the idyllic Cape Kidnappers.


Ocean Spa Napier provides an exceptional environment for all ages. Family changing rooms and under floor heating. Self service security lockers and fully qualified life guards patrolling all swimming areas, makes Ocean Spa a safe and secure place to relax and enjoy the water with family and friends.

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Whether you like a good splash, relaxing and soaking, or a great work out. The Ocean Spa complex provides for all your needs.

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The Ocean Spa Napier also houses it's very own gym complex, Ocean Gym. This state of the art facility offers members and casual visitors a full range of modern excercise equipment.

Why not relax in the onsite SOAK CAFE AND RESTAURANT. Sample the fine quisine, enjoy an exquisite wine, or freshen up with a cappacino. Relaxing wih family and friends comes easy at Ocean Spa Napier and SOAK CAFE.

Warm soothing waters, bubbles, coffee, wine and sea views. This wonderful combination can be found at the Ocean Spa Napier, Napier's premier heated pool complex.


42 Marine Parade, Napier, New Zealand
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